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MARCARE® cares for the maritime industry!

The consultancy concept according to the ISM-Code, ISPS-Code and the ISO 9000 Standard.

In an increasingly safety minded environment MARCARE® offers the maritime industry the necessary support to not only achieve what international conventions intend to aim at in respect of maritime safety and environmental protection, but particularly to develop, implement and effectively maintain a company's own safety and environmental protection policy alternatively combined with a quality management system. MARCARE® offers support and guidance to obtain final assessment and certification in accordance with the requirements of the International Safety Management Code (ISM-Code) of the IMO or - if so chosen by the client - combined with a quality system according to the ISO 9000 standards.

In addition MARCARE® offers assistance for ocean carriers, shipping companies and port facility operators by meeting the new ISPS-Code standards. This includes the draft of necessary assessments and the preparation of securityplans for ships and port facilities, including training / familiarization.